Community & Outreach

Community & Outreach category proposal

Category Title

Community & Outreach

Category question

How can we engage the community, do outreach that brings more people into the ecosystem and support collaborations with external people and organisations.

Why is it important?

Cardano needs an engaged thriving community along with collaborate efforts that effectively welcome those outside the community.

How does success look like?

Communities forming around topics, public goods or focus areas that promote collaboration and introduce people to the community.

Key Metrics to measure

Tracking success for this category will mean:

  • Increasing the number of community members coming together to collaborate and get to know each other over different topics and high impact areas

  • Increasing the size of the community through outreach and marketing efforts

  • Improvements around culture and supporting how people interact, collaborate, engage and organise themselves

  • Supporting efforts to collaborate with external parties such as new potential community members or legislators

Individual success metrics are added for the different types of proposal in the category brief. These metrics provide suggestions for how different proposal types could be audited.

Category brief


Community & Outreach is focused on the following important areas:

  • Bringing the community together to engage with one another over important problems, topics, causes or for any other important conversations.

  • Talking to people and organisations outside the community looking at how together we can collectively solve problems, explore ways to collaborate or consider different opportunities for innovation.

  • Finding people outside the community interested in learning more about the ecosystem or joining a community that they could be passionate about.

Why this category is important

The community for any decentralized ecosystem is what makes that ecosystem truly valuable.

Supporting initiatives that help bring the community together or better collaborate with people outside the community will increase the rate the community can learn about different people, communities, topics, impact areas and problems.

The better that communities form around common goals and missions the easier it will be to find potential new solutions or collaborations that improve both the ecosystem and wider society.

Effective community initiatives will improve how people joining the ecosystem find the missions and objectives that they are most passionate about along with the causes they truly resonate with.

Types of proposals to include

  • Community events - Any Cardano related online or in person event that helps bring new or existing community members together around a given topic, impact area or good cause. Events could bring people together from different ecosystems.

  • Hackathons - Solution building hackathons looking at how to bring together new projects and teams to explore new areas for potential innovation.

  • Public outreach - Proposals for any marketing approaches that can help drive further adoption of the ecosystem.

  • Government outreach & engagement - Outreach and meetings with government officials that help to drive awareness and policy improvements.

  • Impact or topic based communities - Support for resources, discussion, events or other initiatives led by communities focussed on different topics or high impact areas within the ecosystem. Topic and impact areas could be about legal, finance, gaming, adoption, the environment or anything else that helps bring the community together around different missions or shared values. Communities should be related to the Cardano ecosystem.

  • Demos - Demo tutorials, videos and content showcasing Cardano functionality or DApp features that will help newcomers learn about Cardano and the wider ecosystem.

  • Interviews & podcasts - Recorded interviews and podcasts with community members and project teams to showcase news and latest developments.

  • Community hubs - Education, awareness and support based community hubs in different countries internationally.

  • Workshops & courses - Educational workshops and courses that help people learn about what can is available in the Cardano ecosystem that they could use or participate in.

  • Nurturing culture - Initiatives that help with establishing and nurturing a collaborative and open culture within Cardano related communities.

  • Proposer outreach - Outreach approaches to help increase the number of quality proposals submitted into each funding round.

  • Translation support - Support for translating core resources both in the ecosystem or for DApp projects that would help to engage more of the international community.

  • Ecosystem education - Guides and resources about the wider Cardano ecosystem, concepts, communities and projects that make it easier for the end user and community members to better understand how to participate and benefit from the ecosystem.

Potential success metrics for proposal types

This list is not exhaustive but does provides some ideas for proposers to consider.

  • Events - Number of locations covered, number of attendees, open feedback from attendees about the event.

  • Hackathons - Number of projects created, number of novel solutions, number of teams formed, number of projects initiated that continue after the hackathon.

  • Public outreach - Number of advertisement or content views, number of call to action conversions, percentage increase in traffic for targeted ecosystem sites.

  • Government outreach & engagement - Number of outcome goals achieved from collaboration, number of new supporting government body members.

  • Demos - Number of demo views, number of interactions with demoed product, number of users joined.

  • High impact or topic based communities - Number of community members engaged with the community, number of projects or applications that get created or supported by the community, level of engagement from community members.

  • Interviews & podcasts - Number of views and engagement with audience, number of topics covered.

  • Community hubs - Number of community hub attendees, types of content and information covered, open feedback from attendees about the community hub community or support, number of people supported that then participate or contribute to a given cause or area.

  • Workshops & courses - Number of participants, completion percentage, testimonies on quality of workshops or courses

  • Nurturing culture - Number of participants in the initiative, number of views and interaction for digital content, testimonies on quality of the initiative from community feedback.

  • Proposer outreach - Number of proposals created, number of people viewing or learning about the proposal funding process, number of referrals for proposals.

  • Translation support - Number of languages supported, amount of content translated, number of people interacting with translated resources.

  • Ecosystem education - Number of viewers or participants of education resource, testimonies on the quality of the resources made from community feedback.

Category guidelines

  • Type of events - Any community wide event that brings people together around topics or impact areas. Events could also focus on a specific area of the ecosystem like DeFi solutions. Any event looking to just promote their own product or integration should submit the proposal in the Products & Integrations category instead. Events or hackathons targeting the focus areas included in the Governance & Identity or Development & Infrastructure categories should be submitted in those categories.

  • Content creation - Proposals focussed on content creation such as demos, interviews, podcasts, videos or articles should be for entertainment or educational purposes around an area, topic or solutions rather than being promotional content for a single product or integration. If proposers do want to just promote their own product or integration then this should be proposed in the Products & Integrations category instead.

Considerations for proposers

  • Diversity & inclusion - Proposing an event, meet up, hackathon, community hub or public outreach? Consider how diversity and inclusion can be encouraged and supported. If there is any historical funding or execution for this project then provide any evidence related to diversity and inclusion.

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