Voter Guide

Fund 9 voter guide for the budget weighting vote

Budget weighting considerations

Prior to the vote it is recommended for voters to review the budget weighting considerations for the fund 9 vote. This document may get updated after the community discussion event.

Voting process

  • Contact a vote moderator - Contact a fund 9 moderator to organise a proof of life meeting so you can be registered to vote.

  • Voter registration - Join the proof of life meeting, you will need provide your full name to the moderator to record your registration. You name will be stored in a private spreadsheet along with a voter ID created by the moderator. The moderator will send you the ID number to use for the vote. You should keep this ID number private.

  • Community event - An optional community event will be hosted to discuss the vote and for the community to share their factors or opinions for consideration.

  • Voting period - A publicly shared Google form will be shared. You will add your voter ID into this form and then answer any voting questions. Submitting this form means your vote is cast. You cannot resubmit your vote. Your private voter ID will be stripped from the results document. If you want to verify your vote was included you should keep a note of the time you submitted your vote to verify it is in the public results document.

  • Tallying - Once the voting period is finished the moderators will aggregate the votes and remove and automatically remove any invalid votes.

  • Results - The public results will be stored on a Google sheet and shared publicly along with a summary of the outcome that will be added to the documentation. The budget weightings will then be applied to the funding categories for the fund 10 proposals.

Voting form

The following voting form will be opened during the voting period as specified in the timeline.


  • Voter registration - June 10th 12:00 UTC - June 25th 12:00 UTC

  • Budget weighting discussion event - June 16th 17:00 UTC

  • Voting period - June 17th 12:00 UTC - June 27th 12:00 UTC

  • Tallying - June 27th 12:00 UTC - June 29th 12:00 UTC

  • Results - June 30th 12:00 UTC

Budget weighting discussion event

A discussion between community members will take place prior to the voting period opening so that people can share their opinions for what they believe is important for other community members to consider when casting their budget weighting vote.

Voting results

  • Results - Community cast votes will automatically get added to a private results spreadsheet created from the Google form. At the end of the voting period the moderators will copy all the results into a public results spreadsheet. This will include removal of any invalid votes as well as removal of the voter ID so voters can reuse their ID number in future rounds.

  • Verification - Voters who want to verify their results should keep note of their submission date and time. Using this date and time a voter will be able to verify the inclusion of their vote by checking the public voting result spreadsheet data. The results will only include the submission dates and the budget weighting votes. The voter ID will be removed so the voter can reuse that ID number in the future.

Problems and risks

  • No voter privacy from moderators - Moderators will share a private spreadsheet to record voter registrations. A separate public spreadsheet will later be shared that will showcase the votes without the ID numbers. Moderators would be able to cross reference the voter ID to work out who made what vote using that information. Moderators will be asked not to cross reference the voting results however no guarantee can be made that this will not happen. Due to this factor around privacy there will be a preference to find moderators who have a larger experience and a longer background in the community.

  • Security - Moderators will be asked to be careful with their own account security and have 2FA switched on the account used that gives them access to the private voter registration spreadsheet. As results will be stored in an online private spreadsheet it should always be assumed that the risk always exists of data being leaked due to a hack or mistake. No guarantee can be made on voter privacy over the long term due to these security risks.

  • Scalability - This process does not effectively scale and is a short term solution. We will continuously explore ways to migrate away from this process. We would like to see a budget weighting voting capability integrated into the Catalyst voting process with the same plutocratic model so this process that uses moderators as middlemen can be removed.

  • Repeated voter registration - There is a risk that a voter tries to register twice under a different name. It is the responsibility of the moderators to verify the voter is who they say they are upon any registration event and cross check with other moderators whenever in doubt over registration legitimacy.

  • Moderator diversity - There is a risk that the moderators selected lack diversity in terms of being focussed on one area of the ecosystem more than others. This could result in voter registration from more people that are also that same focus area. If this occurs it could result skew the results in certain categories favour to the detriment of the wider community.


Vote FAQs has a voter form example and a number of common questions answered.


If you have any other questions please reach out in the Telegram group -

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