Vote Improvement Ideas

Ideas towards how the budget weighting vote can be improved

The community requires a scalable, inclusive and democratic solution for budget weighting votes in the short term. Over the longer term other improvements and approaches can be used to remove the burden of budget weighting votes or automate how they're handled.

Short term

Plutocratic budget weighting vote integration

A short term improvement will the removal of a manual voting registration process and then the integration of a plutocratic budget weighting vote. The current system is uses a plutocratic model to vote on proposal which can be copied for the budget weighting vote.

Longer term

Budget weighting automation

The budget weighting can be automated using a few different inputs. The first potential input is the goals & objectives set by the community. An independent goal & objective setting process can create data that creates effective suggestions as how to achieve budget weighting. If funding categories are used as a replacement of challenge setting the historical data of categorisation usage can also be used as another factor to create suggestions of how to change the weightings in the future rounds. Combining these factors can lead to a potential algorithm that automates this process.

Removal of all categories due to voting infrastructure improvements

The voting process can be improved by the voter being able to filter and sort by certain attributes, see which areas in the ecosystem are highest priority from the community recommendations from a goal and objective setting process and also should be able to see a better summary of their vote. In this event there may be less need to have a number of funding categorisations as good outcomes may be achievable with no categorisations. This will be an important avenue to explore in the future.

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