Vote FAQs

FAQ for budget weighting votes

What does the voting form look like?

Google Form is used to record the vote. Here is an example form -

Can voters reuse the ID number in the next funding round?

Yes. Once registered the voter can use the same ID number in subsequent funding round votes until this voting system is replaced. Voters need to be careful to not share their ID number and to keep it private.

Will this voting process be replaced?

Yes. This manual voting process is temporary. The budget weighting vote for any funding categorisation should be integrated into the Catalyst voting process so that the entire community of voters can participate in the decision. We as community members will work with IOG to make this integration happen.

How does the vote moderator role work?

The vote moderator role is simply used for voter registration. The vote moderator role has been documented.

Can I resubmit my vote?

No. You can only vote once and won't be able to resubmit. If there are multiple entries for the same ID number the vote will be discarded.

What happens if someone else uses my ID number?

If there are multiple entries for the same ID number the vote will be discarded. The responsibility is with the voter to keep their ID number private.

Does this vote determine the challenges available for the next funding round?

No. The vote determines the budget weighting amounts that should be used for the funding categories in each proposal.

Why is there a minimum of 3% given to each category?

The analysis and categorisation has been done to try and split the different proposal types between a broad set of categories. If there was no minimum for those categories it would mean the chance of having zero funding for a large group of proposal types. To protect against this a minimum percentage has been applied as a safe guard to prevent stifling innovation and ideas. In the future these percentages should become a parameter that is updated by a community vote when and if needed - likely not requiring changes every funding round.

Do all ideas, innovations and proposal types fit into these categories?

Yes. Funding categories are suppose to allow for every form of idea and innovation that people could submit. The categories have been shared with the community for feedback on finding proposals that wouldn't fit in. If there is anything that appears to no be covered we can be contacted to amend the category briefs to ensure it is clear where that proposal should be included.

Are these categories going to be included in future funding rounds?

Yes. From the benefits shown across the analysis it is clear that funding categories are a promising and simpler solution to funding categorisation for Catalyst. Funding categories will be suggested in the upcoming funding rounds. The actual categories names and briefs could be updated between funding rounds.

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