Analysis of how funding is categorised in the Catalyst funding process for the Cardano treasury with suggested improvements to funding categorisation
There are a number of issues with the current challenge setting process used in the Catalyst ecosystem. In this documentation you will find a break down of the current process, analysis on different ways to do categorisation, which attributes are preferable and more effective and suggestions towards an improved funding categorisation approach.
Objective for funding categorisation
Ensuring there is opportunity for any impactful idea or innovation to be submitted and considered by the voters in each and every funding round.


  • ​Categorisation Approaches - Analysis looking at the different approaches for funding categorisation and how they impact the funding process to determine which approaches are more desirable.
  • ​Funding Categories Advantages - A list of all of the advantages of using funding categories
  • ​Funding Categories Analysis - Analysing funding categories and how they benefit the Catalyst ecosystem along with addressing any concerns people may have about their usage.
  • ​Categorisation Analysis - Analysis looking at the trade offs between different ways to group focus areas for funding categorisation and also analysis on certain outcomes that are desirable to achieve.
  • ​Historical Analysis & Comparisons - Exploring historical changes in funding categorisations and comparisons between funding categories and challenge settings.
  • ​Community Goals & Objectives - Analysis covering the importance of goals and objective and the implications it has on funding categories and challenge settings
  • ​Challenge Settings - Exploring the current challenge setting process and the issues involved, the issues on how challenge settings are assessed and also a list of the previously selected challenges from previous funding rounds.
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