Fund 8

Observations for the categorisations that were being suggested for fund 9

Overlapping categorisations

The following challenges being suggested for fund 9 have a number which overlap with one another. Each categorisation has at least one other categorisation it overlaps with however in some cases where the categorisation is broad they can overlap with all the other challenges.

14 overlapping product & integration based categorisations

Products & Integrations, Legal & Financial Implementations, Dapps, Products & Integrations, Nation Building Dapps, Gamers On-Chained, Climate Change: THE Challenge, NFT Community & Ecosystem, Cardano DeFi Dominance, Business Solutions, Decentralised Storage Solutions, Global Health Care on Cardano, Cardano for Cities [C4C], Conflict Transformation, LINKING PEOPLE TO THE FARM

12 overlapping outreach based categorisations

Grow Africa, Grow Cardano, Lobbying for favorable legislation, Film + Media (FAM) creatives unite!, Grow East Asia, Grow Cardano, +Cardano Developers in LATAM, Marketing & Community Development, NGO Outreach & Integration, Grow India, Grow Cardano, Community & Outreach, Attracting Startups to Cardano, Cardano on Social Media, Grow Sri Lanka Grow Cardano

12 overlapping community based categorisations

Challenge & Scouted for Students🎓, Grow Africa, Grow Cardano, Grow East Asia, Grow Cardano, Cardano Social Enterprises, Scale-UP Cardano's Community Hubs, Grow India, Grow Cardano, Grow Cardano adoption in Ethiopia, Cardano 4 Education, Community & Outreach, Grow Senior market to Grow Cardano!, Grow Sri Lanka Grow Cardano, Cardano for Kids- Born and Unborn

5 overlapping governance based categorisations

Governance & Identity, Governance Praxis, Collaboration for Governance, The Future of Democracy, Renovating Catalyst Governance

4 overlapping identity based categorisations

Governance & Identity, SSI - Design the future of identity, Self-Sovereign Identity, Continue Funding SSI Projects

9 overlapping Catalyst based categorisations

dRep improvement and onboarding, Governance & Identity, Community Advisor Improvements, Catalyst Impact Accelerator, Catalyst - Rapid Funding Mechanisms, Proposal Management Tools &Services, Catalyst Culture, Renovating Catalyst Governance, Catalyst Systems Innovators

Broad vs specific categorisations

The following are estimations as to where the categorisations should be placed into out of either being broad of specific forms of categorisation. Some categorisations can be between being either broad or specific. The contributor based challenges will be omitted.

19 broad categorisations

53 specific categorisations

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