Overview of the information covered in funding categorisation analysis

Funding categorisation analysis covers the different types of funding categorisations that exist, the importance of goals and objectives and their implications on funding categorisations, the initial challenge setting process that was used in Project Catalyst and the historical data around the usage of funding categorisations.


  • Categorisation Types - Links to analysis on the different approaches that can be used for funding categorisations.

  • Analysis - Analysis about funding categorisation approaches or other relevant papers.

  • Community Goals & Objectives - Analysis covering the importance of goals and objective and the implications it has on how to approach funding categorisations.

  • Historical Analysis & Comparisons - Exploring historical changes in funding categorisations and comparisons between funding categories and challenge settings.

  • Challenge Settings - Exploring the current challenge setting process and the issues involved, the issues on how challenge settings are assessed and also a list of the previously selected challenges from previous funding rounds.

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