Fund 9

Observations for the categorisations that were being suggested for fund 10

Overlapping categorisations

The following challenges being suggested for fund 9 have a number which overlap with one another. Each categorisation has at least one other categorisation it overlaps with however in some cases where the categorisation is broad they can overlap with all the other challenges.

15 overlapping product & integration based categorisations

Products & Integrations, Improve User Experience on Cardano, Entrepreneurship Challenge, Social and Business Development, NFT Community & Ecosystem, Legal & Financial Implementations, Global Health Care on Cardano, Education| Sustainability |Cardano, Climate Change: THE Challenge, Gamers On-Chained, NPOs/NGOs Integration & Solution, Cardano and Agriculture, Elevate the Metaverse with RealFi, Regeneration: Opportunity 4 Cardano, DEVELOPING COUNTRIES UNITE

13 overlapping development & infrastructure based categorisations

Development & Infrastructure, OSDE: Open Source Dev Ecosystem, Developer Ecosystem - The Evolution, PLUTUS 100x GAINS FOR TIME-TO-dAPP, Improve User Experience on Cardano, SPO Tools & Community Projects, HYDRA OPEN FOR BUSINESS, MARLOWE OPEN TOOLS & USE CASES, CARDANO JS SDK: A Builder’s Journey, $195 MILLION TVL HACK AVOIDED, Building on NMKR, CARDANO FOR SCALA SUPERSTARS, Lace Live Demonstrations

21 overlapping community & outreach based categorisations

Community & Outreach, Startups & Onboarding for Students, Scale-UP Cardano Community Hubs, Grow E. Hemisphere, Grow Cardano, Education| Sustainability |Cardano, Cardano Global Marketing Campaign, 1000 Universities Global Outreach, Grow Vietnam, Grow Cardano, Cardano Open Source Hall of Fame, Grow LatinAmerica, Grow Cardano, Challenge & Scouted for Students🎓, Grow Africa, Grow Cardano, Film & media, Cardano support for Latin America, Grow South Asia Grow Cardano, Accelerate Women on Cardano ECO, Empower Vietnam Cardano Community, Cardano for Seniors Outreach, Supporting Local Communities, Grow Arabia, Grow Cardano, FIFA World Cup 2022

5 overlapping governance & identity categorisations

DAOs <3 Cardano, Governance & Identity, Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems🚀, dRep improvement and onboarding, Challenge Teams Process Updates

Broad vs specific categorisations

The following are estimations as to where the categorisations should be placed into out of either being broad of specific forms of categorisation. Some categorisations can be between being either broad or specific. The contributor based challenges will be omitted.

17 broad categorisations

42 specific categorisations

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