Vote Moderator Guide

Understanding the role of the vote moderator


  • Purpose - The vote moderator role is responsible for helping to register community members so they are able to cast their budget weighting vote.

  • Main task - Moderators only main task it to conduct short proof of life meetings to register voters.

  • Self managed - Moderators manage their own time and when and how they register voters.

Voter registration process

  1. Community members should be able to organise a quick proof of life meetings with a moderator during the registration period.

  2. The video meeting should allow for the moderator to see the community members face to provide evidence they are indeed a human being. This fulfils the proof of life requirement.

  3. The moderator will ask for the full name of the voter to record in the voter registration spreadsheet.

    1. Moderators who don't know the community member that they are registering should ask for some proof to verify they are who they say they are. Verifying could be achieved with social or professional profiles or showing any relevant identity document. This verification is to prevent unknown community members signing up with multiple moderators.

  4. Moderator will record all of this information by following the registering voter data guide below.

  5. Moderator will send the voter ID to the community member and tell them to use this for the vote and to keep the ID private.

Registering voter data guide

  • Voter ID - Use a UUID4 generator to create a voter ID for the community member

  • Name - Record the community members full name

  • Notes - Add extra information such as social or professional profile links when necessary for when the moderator does not know the community member.

  • Moderator knows the voter? - Enter either Yes or No.

  • Moderator name - Moderator enters their own full name

Example voter registration data

The following is an example of the voter registration data that the moderators would create. Real versions of this registration data are not shared publicly and the document would only be managed by moderators.


  • One to one meetings - It is recommended for the moderators to host one to one meetings rather in any group setting to help prevent mistakes when recording registration details.

Moderator selection process

Moderators selected should be trusted community members. For now this will mean the community member has an extended history and background in the ecosystem of ideally above one year. Alternatively they could also be a well known community member.

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