Budget Weighting Vote Discussion Event

Discussion for the budget weighting vote for fund 9


The budget weighting vote discussion event brings together Cardano community members to share different perspectives, insights and opinions about the budget weightings to use for funding categories in the upcoming funding round.

Community members will share their perspectives on why certain categories may be more or less priority for the community in the next funding round. All focus areas of the ecosystem can be discussed where community members look to share where the most return on impact could be achieved by directing funding to some areas more than others.


16th June 17:00 UTC

Zoom link


Discussion topics

  • Briefly cover the budget weighting considerations for fund 9

  • Open discussion on reasons to increase or decrease the weighting for each category

  • Open discussion on any ideas, concerns or personal preferences regarding budget weightings for the vote

  • Open discussion on anything the community believe should be prioritised in the ecosystem in upcoming funding rounds

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