Back Up Vote (Async)

Details of the back up vote for people to be involved async

IMPORTANT: This is a back up vote and is not preferred for usage where possible. This process is not scalable as it is time consuming to be moderated. Please attend the Monday vote meeting if possible. Async voting will be executed on a first come first serve basis and is done under best efforts. We do not guarantee we will accept or handle every request for this process.

PRIVACY: Due to the proof of unique person check and verification process your vote is not private to the moderators. If you want to remain anonymous you must attend the Monday vote meeting. This process is a back up for those that have to vote async and also can accept the compromise we must make over voter privacy. Voters can abstain from the vote if they don't agree to this. This vote in the future will ideally have a technical solution to provide privacy assurances that we can't in the short term support for an async vote.

Deadline date: Tuesday 15th March

Deadline time: 20:00 UTC


  1. Contact George on Discord to start the process - George Lovegrove#3020

  2. Brief video call - Brief proof of person video call is performed so we verify the person is unique.

  3. Identifier given - A random identifier will be given to the voter (a UUID such as this).

  4. Google form given - A Google form is provided where the voter will copy in their identifier and also vote choices.

Voting results

  • The identifier and your Discord name is recorded privately to ensure the integrity of the vote can be verified. The Google form results are checked against the identifiers that have been stored. Unverified or repeated votes will be discarded.

  • The FIRST vote for an identifier will be binding. You cannot vote again. Any subsequent vote will be discarded. Please do not share your identifier with anyone else and keep this private.

  • The voting results will be made public with the identifier being excluded.

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