Fund 9

Community vote for fund 9 to determine budget weightings of the funding categories


This is a fund 9 vote for setting the budgets of the funding categories that are being proposed for fund 10.

=> Voter Guide - Complete guide for voters including a voting timeline

=> Budget Weighting Vote Discussion Event - Join in on the discussion about the budget weighting vote for fund 9 before the voting stage begins

=> Moderators - List of moderators for the fund 9 vote that help community members register to vote

=> Budget Weighting Considerations - Considerations for voters to take into account for this rounds voting.

Voting questions

1. Budget weighting percentage for each category

Question - What percentage should be allocated to each of the funding categories for the next funding round?

Important notes & rules

  • Only add whole numbers, no decimals or other characters

  • The total for all categories MUST add up to exactly 100.

  • Each category cannot have an allocation below 3%. This is to ensure every category has at least some funding as categories have been created to cover all forms of ideas and innovation.

  • Voters can only vote once.

  • Casted votes that do not follow the above guide will have ALL votes attached to that voter ID discarded.

Answer options - Attach a percentage weighting to the following categories. The total must add up to 100%, please check your math.

  • Community & Outreach

  • Products & Integrations

  • Governance & Identity

  • Development & Infrastructure

  • Small & Early Stage Ideas

  • Catalyst Contributors

  • Infrastructure Contributors


The total funding amount for fund 9 is 12,800,000 ADA. Some example percentage values to consider:

1% - 128,000 ADA

2% - 256,000 ADA

3% - 384,000 ADA

5% - 640,000 ADA

10% - 1,280,000 ADA

Applying some percentages to each category that add up to 100% produces the following example:

CategoryPercentageCategory Budget Allocation

Community & Outreach


1,920,000 ADA

Products & Integrations


2,560,000 ADA

Governance & Identity


2,560,000 ADA

Development & Infrastructure


3,200,000 ADA

Small & Early Stage Ideas


768,000 ADA

Catalyst Contributors


896,000 ADA

Infrastructure Contributors


896,000 ADA



12,800,000 ADA

NOTE: The amounts in the example above would then need to be rounded to the closest 25,000 ADA. This is currently a required part of the funding process.

Outcome notes

  • Voter power - 1 person 1 vote.

  • Weighted outcome - The outcome from the vote is based on weightings. Values will be aggregated from every vote to work out the final value for each category.

  • Rounded outcome - The final values will be rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, 24.64 would be rounded to a 25% allocation. The total weightings together will equal 100%.

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