Catalyst funding categories overview
Funding categories provide a simpler and far more effective way to do funding categorisation. Funding categories are recurring, broad and inclusive. The following categories collectively allow for any type of idea or innovation to be submitted.

Category types

Idea categories
Any proposal with an idea, initiative or innovation can be submitted into these categories. Example ideas could include events, applications, tools, software libraries, community initiative efforts and many others.
Contributor categories
Proposals submitted by people in the community who want to work full time in the ecosystem to support and improve the ecosystem.
Open categories
Categories that are open to all forms of idea and contributor based proposals. Anything can be submitted that is relevant to Cardano.

Funding categories list

Community & Outreach
Community & Outreach focusses on helping bring the community together and be engaged in the ecosystem. It also is for supporting outreach to new potential community members and collaborations with external people and communities.
Products & Integrations
The Products & Integrations category focusses on finding projects that are building on top of Cardano such as DeFi, gaming, hardware devices, marketplaces, social media or any other product, application and integration.
Governance & Identity
Governance & Identity focusses on proposals that will help with improve and support both Catalyst and the wider ecosystem around how governance and identity is used in different communities such as through from different tools, libraries, SDKs, processes or research.
Development & Infrastructure
Development & Infrastructure focuses on proposals that will help improve and maintain the Cardano developer ecosystem with tools, scripts, libraries and SDKs that make it easier for developers to build applications. It also includes infrastructure improvements with tools and resources that will make it as easy as possible for community members to secure and scale the network and run their own infrastructure and stake pool nodes.
Nurturing Ideas & Teams
Nurturing Ideas & Teams is about exploring how we can help to foster growth for ideas and new teams forming in the ecosystem. Any proposal type is welcomed as long as it is about the Cardano ecosystem in someway. There is a $40,000 maximum budget for proposals which helps to increase the number and diversity of teams and ideas that can be funded.
Catalyst Contributors
Catalyst contributors help with people who want to be paid to become a full time contributor in the Catalyst ecosystem to support and improve the Catalyst ecosystem. This can include helping with development, coordination, analysis, QA & auditing, marketing, product or design.
Cardano Contributors
Cardano contributors is for people who want to be paid to work as full time contributors in the Cardano ecosystem. This includes those who want to help support improving the stake pool ecosystem and the Cardano developer ecosystem. Contributors would help analyse, coordinate or develop tools, libraries and SDKs for the ecosystem to use.
Catalyst Natives
Catalyst Native is a model used in Catalyst where external communities can setup their own funding challenge with an allotted budget for proposals. These challenges set by these communities may or not be recurring and may only be included for one funding round.