Example Proposal - Ada Lovelace

Example proposal for a contributor who wants to work on a more specific area


Primary role


Preferred role responsibilities


  • Research, analyse and report on technical implementation approaches and best practices

  • Create, maintain and improve technical standards, security standards and design patterns that can be used in ecosystem infrastructure and applications

  • Define and iterate on technical requirements for ecosystem functionality

  • Research, plan and present software architecture approaches for ecosystem applications

  • Support, improve and promote open source projects with technical expertise, guidance and development effort

  • Communicate with developers and the community to identify what infrastructure or development issues exist to then be considered and prioritised

  • Write and maintain technical documentation about ecosystem systems and processes

  • Coordinate technical efforts across the ecosystem and where suitable attempt to align standards, technical implementations and processes

  • Host technical discussions and meetings about the Catalyst process, governance and identity infrastructure available in the ecosystem or for giving updates on ecosystem changes


  • Conduct ecosystem research and analysis to identify problems and opportunities for improvement


  • Write and maintain documentation about ecosystem priorities and roadmaps, product processes, feature releases and product workflows

  • Coordinate efforts around product development to encourage collaboration and bring more alignment around problems, prioritisation, suggested solutions, improvements to existing solutions and shared understanding of performance outcomes for recent product releases

Working preferences

  • In previous roles in larger companies and the Linux foundation I am usually focussed on the problems that require deep thought and analysis to reach a suggested solution. I’ve been part of the creation of standards used across many organisations and implemented reference examples to be used by other developers. I prefer this type of work mostly as the problems are challenging and each process to get to a solution is different than the previous time.

Main priorities

  • My background is as a developer however in the short term the larger priorities I can spot in the Catalyst ecosystem is the research and analysis needed to create proposal based standards. Both idea and contributor based proposal types have recently been established and each of them need deep thought on what good standards could look like for both types. The importance of proposal standards are high as they will help to lead to alignment on common approaches to structuring proposal data and ensuring relevant and important information is included. Once adopted this will lead to it being easier to achieve pluralism in the ecosystem and have multiple ways to create, manage, submit and assess proposals that use these standards. I would expect this to take up all of my time during my funded duration due to the depth that is required to get closer to a first version of some standards. I will focus on idea based proposal standards first before then moving onto contributor based proposal standards.

Personal information

Full name - Ada Lovelace

Profile image

Contact details - Contact me on Telegram with username AdaLovelace1234

Professional background

Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/adalovelaceexample

Additional information - I have worked on bug fixes and supported development of React (https://github.com/facebook/react) you can find me contributions on my Github profile (https://github.com/adalovelaceexample).

Contributions & Participation

Ecosystem contributions


Ecosystem participation

  • Voter - Fund 6 onward


Budget requested - $55,000

Budget reasoning - My professional background profile provides further information on my full professional experience. I am already very familiar with the Catalyst process after being involved since fund 5 and now look to continue applying my technical background to creating these suggested standards and developing infrastructure to improve the Catalyst ecosystem.

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