Minimum Thresholds

What are minimum thresholds and how are they determined?

Minimum thresholds set out a value for the minimum amount of contributors that will be selected for a given role for a given funding round. The purpose of thresholds is to ensure there are enough of each skill set available from the combined amount of contributors so that the ecosystem gets maintained and improved most effectively.

You can see actual values for the minimum threshold within each of the funds under the proposals section.

Process for setting minimum thresholds

Current - Initially the approach for deciding on minimum thresholds will be to gather feedback from engaged community members to set the values.

Mid term future - Introduce a voting system where engaged community participants can help to set what the thresholds are suitable for each funding round.

Long term future - With a well defined product workflow setup it will become clearer where there is lacking resources for certain areas in the ecosystem. A feedback system will also be able to find out where the community thinks improvements can be made. This could support a more reactive system outside the funding process where contributors can vote to hire other contributors based on dynamic demands of the ecosystem. In a similar approach if requirements change then contributors can be removed if that role is no longer providing enough impact.

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