Shared Responsibilities

Responsibilities for full time Catalyst contributors

A cohort of Catalyst contributors should cover the following combined shared areas of responsibility to support the growth and evolution of the Catalyst ecosystem.


Bring the community together to collaborate on relevant topics, issues and current progress within the Catalyst ecosystem. Help share open source solutions across the ecosystem and bring proposal teams together to bring more alignment and collaboration where possible instead of duplicated efforts. Catalyst contributors can allocate time towards initiatives that make it easier for the community to collaborate most effectively.


Provide support to the community, proposal teams, proposal assessors and voters on any part of the funding process. Contributors should be able to answer questions, create useful education resources, provide technical support and also offer suggestions to those that need help. Contributors should help with translation support where possible and help with the ease of participation for a global audience.


Manage ecosystem parameters, tools and services to ensure the ecosystem is robust and reliable. Keep documentation and resources up to date and widely available. Monitor and moderate tools and processes in the funding process to ensure they are functioning correctly. Contributors could also respond to audits on funded proposals to review progress where necessary and ensure progress is being made. Contributors would be delegated authority for some areas of the ecosystem such as the documentation of moderation of communication channels to help ensure the ecosystem is running smoothly.


Bring together data, analysis and feedback to guide the prioritisation and execution of new processes and development of new solutions in the ecosystem. Contributors are responsible for supporting the design, implementation and testing of new solutions that help to improve how the Catalyst ecosystem functions. The communities opinions and feedback should be welcomed at any stage and considered when building new solutions. Contributors will be responsible for ensuring quality standards are met and the right resources are in place so that the community is able to easily start using new or updated solutions.


Help facilitate information needed by the community to make decisions collectively about changes to the implementations and processes used in the Catalyst ecosystem. The wider community should be invited to participate in any important governance decisions, especially those that may be directly impacted by those decisions such as parameter changes or for deciding where resources are allocated. Contributors will be responsible for bringing together all the information required to better inform the community involved about the governance decisions so that they are better informed on the implications of any given decision.


Catalyst contributors are not expected to be responsible for executing every piece of work that improves the Catalyst ecosystem. Contributors should try to identify talented community members and good ideas and support the promising initiatives or experiments. Once the Catalyst contributors have their own treasury for supporting day to day operation a portion of this can be distributed to support small but high impact initiatives that help the Catalyst ecosystem.

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