Overview of the Catalyst Contributors

Catalyst contributors are community members who are paid by the Cardano treasury to work full time to help to manage, support and improve the Catalyst ecosystem. The Catalyst ecosystem governs the distribution of the Cardano treasury. Contributors help in a multitude of areas such as infrastructure and tooling, supporting the community, improving processes and supporting proposals being submitted into the funding process.


  • Catalyst Contributor - Find out about what would be expected from a Catalyst contributor.

  • Stewardship & Delegated Authority - Exploring a plan for how Catalyst contributors can be an effective solution for passing stewardship and delegated authority over to the community.

  • Treasury - Details of how full time contributors would manage a Catalyst focussed treasury that would be used for rapid funding that supports the ecosystem.

  • Contributor Guides - Guide for writing a contributor proposal with examples and guide for assessing reviewing contributor proposals.

  • Category Proposals - List of all challenge setting proposals created for hiring contributors in the ecosystem.

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