Minimum Thresholds

The budget allocation is $1,225,000 which means funding capacity to support between 22 to 49 contributors based on the lower ($25,000) and upper ($55,000) budget range guidelines.

If the average was $40,000 per contributor then this would at least 30 contributors.

After the thresholds are met based on the voting results the highest voted candidates would then be selected until the funding is allocated.

Minimum thresholds (number of people)

Development: 8

Coordination: 7

Analysis: 4

Product: 2

QA & Auditing: 4

Marketing: 3

Design: 2

Total: 30

Quantity needed

Development: High - The ecosystem has an increasing amount of complex core functionality required which warrants the need for a large number of developers.

Coordination: High - A large number of ecosystem projects and proposals are introduced each funding round that require coordination and support. Online meetings are an important way for the community to connect.

Analysis: Medium - Analysis is needed on the ecosystem, processes and proposals to give a good overview of issues and potential solutions to use within the ecosystem.

QA & Auditing: Medium - QA should occur within development teams but could also be checked by a QA contributor. Support on auditing will be valuable in the short term to help gage how to automate the process more and potentially ways to incentivise the ecosystem to be more self governing.

Marketing: Low - The marketing role will look to bring together the data and proposals that help with the marketing of the ecosystem to bring more synergy to those efforts. Only a low amount of contributors should be needed initially to support this collaboration. The quantity could increase over time if the contributors collectively find they can be effective in supporting a larger amount of the marketing within the ecosystem if it is needed.

Product: Low - A small amount of contributors focussed on product will help to provide structure and support between the developers, analysts, designers and wider community. It would be expected that any development focussed contributors would also support in the planning and time allocation.

Design: Low - A number of design elements are needed to create better consistency in the ecosystem which over time should be reusable. Only a small number of design contributors should be needed to support the ecosystem initially.

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