Focus Areas

List of different focus areas relevant for the Catalyst ecosystem that contributors will focus on whilst supporting the ecosystem

Catalyst contributors could spend their time supporting and improving the Catalyst ecosystem in the following focus areas. This list will not be exhaustive but gives a good idea of where contributors could spend their time.


  • Town halls - Support and host Catalyst community town halls to help with sharing news and updates about the Catalyst ecosystem.

  • Community discussion events - Host events and sessions on different ideas, problems and topics to facilitate open discussion in the community.

  • Proposal sharing events - Facilitate events or meet ups that allow proposers to more effectively showcase their proposal in a presentation or question and answer format to better inform the community when voting.

  • Insight sharing - Support the development and improvement of tools and processes that help with insight sharing amongst the community.

  • Community support - Support the community in answering questions, helping newcomers and providing technical expertise about how the funding process functions.


  • Proposal tools & processes - Design, develop and maintain the tools and processes used for proposals to be submitted into the funding process.

  • Proposer support - Support proposers with suggestions on how to improve their proposal structure, information covered or their communication style.

  • Proposal collaboration - Encourage similar proposal teams or initiatives to come together when there is duplicated efforts that would benefit from more synergy and alignment.

  • Proposal moderation - Moderate the proposals that are submitted to remove those that don't adhere to the guidelines.

Funding categorisation

  • Analyse categorisation usage - Analyse the usage of funding categorisation to identify problems or inefficiencies that could be solved.

  • Maintain and update categories - Update funding categories based on insights, data and community feedback.

Proposal assessments

  • Assessment moderation - Moderate the assessments, flagging of assessment and assessment reviews that are submitted through the assessment stage to ensure that guidelines are being followed.

  • Assessment tools & processes - Design, develop and maintain tools and processes that make it easier to assess proposals and review those assessments.

  • Assessor support - Provide guidance and relevant funding or ecosystem data to proposal assessors to help them with improving the quality of their assessments.


  • Voting tools & processes - Design, develop and maintain the tools and processes that allow voters to participate in the voting process.

  • Improving information access - Support the voters by helping to provide relevant and up to date data about proposals and ecosystem data to better inform the voters during the governance stage.


  • Auditing tools & processes - Design, develop and maintain tools and processes that make it easier for funded proposals to provide progress updates and also for auditors to review and verify the work completed by funded proposers.

  • Auditing funded proposers - Perform manual audits of funded proposers where necessary to ensure that treasury funding is not being wasted.


  • Education & documentation - Create, maintain and present documentation and education resources that help the community more easily understand the Catalyst ecosystem and how to participate in the funding process.

  • Translation support - Provide support in the translation of resources or one to one help where possible so that the ecosystem can more effectively reach a global audience.


  • Process experiments - Create hypothesis around process improvements and test them with the community to find out the most effective ways to manage and organise the funding process.

  • Tool experiments - Create hypothesis for how tools could be improved and test new solutions with the community to look for improvements that can be made to the tooling used across the ecosystem.

Catalyst parameters

  • Moderate governance decisions - Help moderate the governance around parameter changes ensuring the right information is included in the decision and that community members are invited to participate.

  • Gather and present information - Conduct research and analysis to help improve the information that is used for governance decisions so voters are well informed on the implications of decisions being made.

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