Candidate Proposal Guide

What should a candidate include in their proposal to become a contributor?

The following is the information candidates should add to their proposal. Check out the examples contributor proposals for Ada Lovelace and Gerolamo Cardano.


Candidates are tasked with specifying their selected role and then providing any extra information they want about the selected role or other roles they believe they will be helpful in contributing towards.

Primary role - Required. Specify the role which you intend to spend at least half your time supporting whilst being a contributor.

Preferred role responsibilities - Required. For each of responsibilities list under the roles pick which ones would be relevant to what you would intend to spend your time on and list those same responsibilities under the role headings. Check the examples for Ada Lovelace and Gerolamo Cardano for guidance

Working preferences - Required. Make a bullet pointed list of any working preferences you have. This could mean preferring deep work or collaborative work or which areas you most like spending your time on out of the preferred role responsibilities you selected.

Main priorities - Required. Make a bullet pointed list of which areas you believe are the main priorities for you to help with in the ecosystem if you were funded as a contributor.

Personal information

Candidates should provide some basic information about themselves so the community is aware on who they are.

Full name - Required. At least a first name is needed as the community will be interacting with the candidate regularly, last name is preferred though not mandatory.

Profile image - Recommended. A image can be added as an attachment to the proposal.

Contact details - Optional. Add social profiles or contact information such as an email, Discord or Telegram username or Twitter handle.

Professional background

Candidates should provide some evidence to showcase their professional background. Professional profiles such as LinkedIn are preferred however candidates can alternatively list out things separately but should provide sources and evidence to support any statements made.

Professional profile - Recommended. Add a LinkedIn profile or similar professional profile as your go to source to view your professional background. Candidates do not need to fill in the information below if they can add a LinkedIn or similar professional profile providing it has sufficient evidence of professional history.

Career history - Optional. Add relevant information on different roles you have worked at, the duration and what you did.

Skills - Optional. List any skills you have with any support evidence.

Endorsements - Optional. Provide sources to any endorsements you've received from other people or businesses.

Articles / blogs - Optional. List any relevant articles or blogs you've written that showcase relevant knowledge.

Education - Optional. List any education accreditations such as a doctorate, masters, bachelors or any relevant college education.

Additional information - Optional. Provide any sources or added information about your professional background such as a supporting portfolio or Github repositories you've worked on

Contributions & Participation

Candidates can share information on any existing contributions they've made to the ecosystem under the roles that would be relevant. This helps community advisors and voters become more aware of how familiar they are with the ecosystem and to what extent they've already been contributing.

Ecosystem contributions - Optional. Under headings of any of the roles add any contributions you have made that are relevant to those roles. Add links to provide evidence where possible. Check the Ada Lovelace and Gerolamo Cardano examples for guidance.

Ecosystem participation - Optional. What roles have you helped with in Catalyst? Are you or have you been a stake pool operator, proposal assessor veteran proposal assessor, voter or proposer?


Candidates specify the budget they are requesting with reasoning behind how the value was determined along with any supporting sources.

Budget requested - Required. The dollar value requested by the candidate to complete a 6 month term. Please refer to the budget ranges in the latest category proposal for guidance.

Budget reasoning - Recommended. Reasoning on how that value was determined based off the candidates professional background and their contributions and knowledge of the ecosystem.

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