Cardano Contributors Category

Details on why the Cardano Contributors category was created and what problem it solves

Cardano Contributors category

The cardano contributors category allows anyone in the community to work full time for the Cardano ecosystem to contribute with whatever they can show will provide impact. There is no restriction on what the Cardano contributor must do during their time as an elected full time contributor. It is up to the contributor to decide how they will provide impact and provide detail of that approach to the voters.

Potential issues with Cardano contributors

  • Low impact risks - Cardano contributors are flexible to work on what they believe will create the most impact. Cardano contributors are not assigned responsibility. This increases the risk that a number of contributors will decide to work on areas that have a low impact to the ecosystem.

  • Lack of structure - Cardano contributors are not tasked with certain responsibilities which may make it difficult for them to effectively organise themselves and collaborate. Processes may be needed to make Cardano contributors function well but whilst still providing them the flexibility to work where they can provide the most impact.

  • Risk of skewed skill sets in each cohort - Unlike Catalyst and Infrastructure contributors the Cardano contributors has no minimum thresholds. That means the cohort of contributors could be of any skill set and also any percentage of a particular skill set. This could be a risk on the potential impact of contributors if there are certain skills lacking amongst the elected contributors or too much of one skill set.

  • Lack of auditing processes - There are currently no formal processes or best practices for reporting as contributors yet. This is more risky with Cardano contributors as it will be more difficult to audit contributors work when it's spread out across the whole ecosystem.

Advantages of Cardano contributors

  • Flexibility - Cardano contributors is intended to be extremely flexible. Contributors could help anywhere in the ecosystem meaning they could focus on one or multiple areas based on their own working preference or skill sets.

  • Easier entry into ecosystem - Skill community members under the Cardano contributor model wouldn't need to think of ideas and innovation to get involved in the ecosystem and could instead be elected as Cardano contributors. This allows new members to work with a larger group of people and be able to commit to working in the ecosystem by applying their skill sets.

  • High collaboration incentives - Contributors are paid to work full time in the ecosystem and their incentive is to produce a high impact for the ecosystem. Contributors who collaborate the most effectively to create the most impact will be more likely to be elected in future rounds.

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