Contributor Desirable Attributes

Listing out some desirable attributes that a contributor should have to be most effective when working for the ecosystem


Contributors spending most of their time solving problems, supporting, maintaining and improving the community will be more effective. Reducing the amount of unnecessary administrative work for contributors will help increase their overall focus. Achieving this will mean developing and using tools and processes that make contributors more efficient. Areas for improvement could include reducing excessive proposal writing, unnecessary meetings or simplifying any financial and tax burdens to work in the ecosystem. The contributor model is already a funding model that helps with improving focus by allowing community members to be elected to work full time in the ecosystem rather than needing to repeatedly make idea based proposals.


Those improving the ecosystem should be incentivised to do so. Contributors who make significantly high impact should be even further rewarded. To attract the best talent into the ecosystem the environment will need to consider the importance of using effective incentivisation.


As the rate of treasury funds distribution increase so does the increased risk that involved with how it is governed and distributed. Tools and processes will be needed to ensure that those contributing have sufficient accountability in delivering what they said they would. Keeping contributors accountable can help with finding and removing bad actors and making the funding model more effective.


Those helping maintain and improve the ecosystem will be most impactful if the environment is flexible for them to move where they are needed most. Contributors shouldn’t be tied to a single area. If there is somewhere they could produce more impact in the short term they should be free to work in that other area.


Contributors improving the ecosystem will be most impactful when they are able to share ideas, skills and knowledge so they are able to make the most amount of impact possible. The better collaboration and synergy between contributors the faster trust and rapport can be built up that supports more rapid innovation. Collaboration can also help with bringing more alignment and agreement on complex product and ecosystem issues. More alignment from collaboration will help increase consistencies in user experience, technical implementations (data models, APIs, integrations) and processes.


The process for electing contributors will need to be refined to ensure the most effective and desirable skills and traits of contributors are identified. These skills and traits of potential contributors then be considered when deciding on which contributors to elect.

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