Contributor Responsibilities

Listing some general responsibilities that can be applied to contributors who are elected to work for the ecosystem


Contributors can be an effective group for bringing the community together for events and discussion about important topics, changes and problems. Coordination across the ecosystem can also help with aligning efforts, reducing duplication and encouraging the use of open source solutions.


Support can be provided to both newcomers and existing community members in understanding how the ecosystem functions, how they can participate and answering questions people may have. Collaborating with and supporting the community will be a vital part of understanding what problems exist in the ecosystem and how those problems could potentially be addressed.


Contributors can be delegated authority and stewardship over parts of the ecosystem to ensure everything runs smoothly and helps to prevent malicious actors. Key areas in the ecosystem that benefit from being well maintained for use by the community could include the maintenance of documentation, infrastructure, processes and communication channels.


The ecosystem systems and processes will need regular improvement. Electing contributors that work closely with the community can create an effective approach for building and improving the infrastructure, tools, services and processes used across the ecosystem.


Decisions will need to be made on a regular basis that could impact how the ecosystem operates or functions. Contributors are well suited to gather information and present what is needed to help facilitate community decisions, discussions and events. Facilitating these decisions with more support will help to lead to more well informed changes and improvements within the ecosystem.


Contributors are not expected to be able to solve and work on every problem that exists in the ecosystem. Contributors can help with identifying and supporting any community ideas and initiatives that help to support, maintain and improve the ecosystem. Contributors can be an effective in helping to bring more awareness to the diversity of initiatives happening in the ecosystem. If a cohort of contributors manage their own treasury fund then another thing they can help with is using some of those funds to more rapidly support initiatives that create positive impact for the ecosystem.

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