Future Improvements

Ideas for how the usage of contributors could evolve in the future

Community governance

Through the usage of Atala PRISM the contributors and engaged community can create governance systems for each key part required for the DAO to function. For Catalyst this could mean having governance for voting on who is hired and paid by the DAO by community members who have proof of engagement in the process (e.g. been a community advisor, funded proposer etc). Contributors and engaged community members could use simple voting systems to decide on key decisions for improving core parts of the ecosystem such as prioritising problems, picking solution implementations and allocating funds across the core parts of the ecosystem.

Contributor treasury

A Catalyst contributor treasury can be managed by the contributors and engaged community members to pay for key things used by contributors such as software services or server costs. Over time this treasury can help with hiring other contributors, supporting projects and funding local or online events. A governance system used by the contributors and engaged community members can also be used as a system for allocating rapid funding. Bug fixes, feature changes, local events could all be examples that a trusted community governance process help to support.


The initial suggestion for contributors is to request a budget for themselves based on the budget range suggested and their seniority that determines where they are in that range. Bonuses can be introduced to reward high impact work from contributors. The purpose of this is it will help align incentives so contributors are paid a fair salary but have the incentive to go above and beyond to receive further funding if they want to. Community governance could be involved in the decisions when those bonus funds are distributed.

Tasks for part time contributors

The contributors or engaged community members can set up high impact tasks with funding to help maintain or improve the ecosystem. Funds offered for specific tasks could offer a great way for newcomers to the community to get involved more passively with the ecosystem and build up the knowledge needed to make the next leap such as become a full time paid contributor or join a project team. The ecosystem will benefit from providing both low and high commitment paths where contributors get paid to build up ecosystem knowledge and skills.

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