Voter Registration

Read the voter overview to understand why to register as a voter.

Prerequisites for registration

  1. Registration is supported via each of the following:

  2. Minimum requirement of 500 ADA *excluding rewards*

  3. Prior to registration, you must install the latest version of the Catalyst Voting application on your mobile device (version 0.1.13) Please note that iPhone 6 and before are not supported.

  4. Registration must be completed before snapshot date

  5. Note: there is a registration fee of 0.17 -0.18 ADA


  • IMPORTANT: If you registered in Fund 4 and/or Fund 5 and were able to cast votes - your registration will be automatically valid for Fund 6 voting round! Provided you still have your QR and PIN code. Don't need to re-register. This does not apply to Fund 2 or Fund 3 registrations. Your voting power, however, will be updated during the new snapshot relevant for Fund 6.

  • For Fund6, only voter registration is open at the moment. You will get the QR and PIN code from the wallet you use to register.

  • Regardless of your wallet, each registration will provide you with a unique QR and PIN code. These must absolutely be saved. No QR code saved, no vote! No PIN code saved, no vote!

1. Install the latest version of the Catalyst Voting application (version 0.1.15) on your mobile device.

2. In the latest version of Daedalus, navigate to the voting registration page from the menu on the left-hand side.

  • Confirm that you have installed the Catalyst Voting app.

  • Confirm that you hold at least 500 ADA at the time of the snapshot.

  • Click on "Register to vote"

3. Select the wallet you wish to vote with and click "Continue" (ensure the wallet contains the minimum required amount for voting: 500 ADA *excluding rewards*)

Note: This amount must remain in this wallet until the snapshot, which will collect your voting power. Dates and times of the snapshots for each Fund will be announced through our official social and communication channels

4. Enter the spending password for your wallet or connect your Hardware wallet and click "Submit registration transaction":

5. Wait for approximately 5 minutes until the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain and click "Continue". Do not close Daedalus during this time, otherwise your registration will be cancelled and you will need to start over:

6. Set a 4 digit PIN code of your choice, confirm it and click "Continue".

Please make sure to remember it or write it down as you will need it for voting later on. Note that if you lose the PIN you will not be able to vote and you will need to repeat the registration process to select a new PIN:

7. Daedalus will generate a QR code that you will use on Catalyst App to complete the registration and to cast your votes.

  • Click "Save as PDF"

  • Click "Save" in the dialog

  • Note that if you don't save the QR code you wont be able to complete your registration and vote.

8. Wait for the confirmation message "PDF successfully downloaded" and click on "Close".


9. Open the Catalyst Voting app on your mobile device and tap "Let's start" or "Skip":

10. Next - tap on "Register now":

11. Next - tap on "Scan voting QR code" and scan the QR code, which you received in Step 7.

12. Enter the 4 digit PIN code, which you set in Step 6 and tap "Confirm".

This concludes the registration process.


13. Now you need to wait until the voting starts. When the voting starts you will see your voting power, corresponding to the amount of ADA, which you had in your wallet at the time of the snapshot. In our case the voting power will be 984.

14. Read through the different proposals and place your vote (Yes or No). You can vote for a single proposal, for several proposals or for all proposals - it is up to you. The number of votes will not impact the amount of your reward, same if you do not vote at all.

15. Select a proposal.

16. After each vote, the Catalyst Voting app will remind you that your votes have not been submitted yet.

17. When you are ready to submit your votes, go to the "My Votes" section and tap "Cast my votes"

18. Enter your PIN (you selected it in Step 6) to authorize the votes and tap "Confirm"

19. You will see a confirmation message saying that your votes have now been submitted to the blockchain. This concludes the voting process.

Note: Once you cast your votes, you will not be able to change it.

How to report potential issues & bugs

If you registered using Daedalus, submit a support request from the Catalyst Voting application.

If you registered using Yoroi, submit a request here:

If you registered via AdaLite: submit a request via email to


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