Proposal Assessor Overview

What is a proposal assessor?

Proposal Assessors (PA) review other peoples proposals that are trying to get funding in Project Catalyst. A PA will review a proposal against a set of objectives for the campaign that the proposal is asking for funding from. The PA will provide a numerical score along with an explanation that covers the rationale behind the score given.

PA's help voters have more information on whether proposals are impactful, feasible and auditable so that voters can make more informed decisions on which proposals to vote for.

PA's also help proposers by giving them feedback on how to improve their proposals which helps increase the overall quality of the proposals in each funding round.

For more information about PA's, take a look at the proposal assessor guide.

Who can become a proposal assessor?

Anyone can become a Proposal Assessor (PA). The role is suitable for people who are open-minded, curious and want to enhance ideas in Project Catalyst. Expertise in a specific field is helpful but not a requirement. If someone makes a proposal in a challenge they are not able to make assessments as a PA in that challenge however are free to do assessments in other challenges.

Why should I become a proposal assessor?

Proposal Assessor in the world largest DAO are at the forefront of newest innovation and disruption in the DApp / DeFi space. Being a Proposal Assessor is perfect for intellectually curious people. You can engage in a variety of topics, learn a lot on the way and earn a side income. 4% of every funding round will be allocated as rewards for assessments to PA's. For more information on the rewards, look at the "Proposal Assessor Incentive" header in the proposal advisor guide

How can I become a proposal assessor?

Each funding round, you can sign up to become a proposal assessor. Just go to Cardano Ideascale to register. Before each round, you will be automatically be asked if you are logged in. You won't miss it.

How can I be an effective proposal assessor?

To become a better PA, carefully read the proposal assessor guide and follow the guiding principles.

  • Treat proposals and proposers with respect.

  • Separate the idea from the proposal.

  • Be mindful of your time and knowledge.

  • Proposal Assessor offer advice.

How can I stay up to date with the recent information for PA's?

For weekly updates, you can watch the weekly townhall update on IOHK's Youtube Channel Channel (every Wednesday). The newest funding rounds will be visible on Cardano Ideascale and important announcements regarding Catalyst will be posted on Telegram. To engage in more conversations about the proposals, join the community Project Catalyst Discord.

How do I connect with other PA's?

You can join the PA Telegram channel to get to know other PA's and engage in the most recent discussions. You can also find other active PA's in the community Project Catalyst Discord.

What is the timeline for PA's in each funding round?

Each funding round (every 12 weeks currently) will provide a 7 day window for PA Reviews called the "Assess Proposals" phase. This will be followed by a 5 day “Review of the Reviewers” phase carried out by Veteran Proposal Assessor (vPA).

Veteran Proposal Assessor

What is a veteran proposal assessor?

Veteran Proposal Assessor (vPA) ensure that the quality of reviews by PA's are of a high standard and improve over time. vPA's help to filter out poor reviews and malicious actors that try to harm the review process.

Why become a veteran proposal assessor?

Veteran Community Advisors are able to further shape the proposal assessment stage in Project Catalyst and improve the overall decision making process. The role is perfect for PA's that want to further engage at the forefront of the evolution of the Project Catalyst funding process.

What does a veteran proposal assessor do?

After the PA's submitted their reviews, an anonymized CSV-file containing all assessments will be passed for peer review by veteran PA's who will filter out substandard assessments. Non-constructive Feedback will be flagged according to the following model.

Who can become a veteran proposal assessor?

If you have already been a Proposal Assessor for a round of funding you can apply to be a Veteran Proposal Assessor.

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