Insight Sharing

In the initial stage every community member is invited to share their perspective on the upcoming challenges for each fund.

By sharing and reading other people’s perspectives, we will find better solutions. In fact, research shows that sharing perspectives before sharing solutions can increase the review score of the final proposals by 26%. (See this presentation about the scientific research behind it here:

Your perspective can be shared with the community by logging into Ideascale. Press the “Submit Insight” button and post into a given campaign.

Your post can be about the following things:

  • Identify gaps - What gaps exist in how this challenge is currently addressed? Example: We have a gap where there aren't enough community members monitoring stack overflow. Quick answers will lead to good dev experience.

  • Challenge improvement - Is there a way to make this challenge better? More engaging, measure outcomes more accurately, we want to hear your perspective.

  • Share an anecdote - About the problem area or your own experience onboarding to Cardano, or issues you saw other’s encounter. Example: When I first joined Cardano, I had no idea how to integrate my payment solution with the technology, submitted a support ticket, but it never received an answer.

  • Share wild thoughts Inspiring - Visionary, and hypothetical thoughts. Example: Decentralized innovation funds can be the new ICO, instead of asking for funds, we ask for labor and ideas to jumpstart a token.

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