This documentation resource is now archived and out of date. You can now learn about Project Catalyst in the official documentation: docs.projectcatalyst.io

Project Catalyst is a series of experiments which seeks to generate the highest levels of community innovation. Catalyst is bringing on-chain governance to the Cardano blockchain by allowing the community to self-determine priorities for growth.


  • Project Catalyst - Find out about Project Catalyst, find links to tools, content and resources, learn about terminology and get frequently asked questions answered

  • Funding Process - Find out about the funding process that proposers, community advisors, veteran community advisors and voters go through to fund ecosystem projects and initiatives

  • Proposer - Learn about the role of a proposer who makes proposals to address problem statements outlined in challenge briefs that are set in each funding round

  • Proposal Assessor - Learn about the role of a proposal assessor and veteran proposal assessor and how they help assess the proposals that are looking to receive funding from the Cardano treasury

  • Voter - Learn about the voter role and how they decide how the ecosystem evolves through the importance of their vote

  • Challenge Setting - Learn how to suggest new challenges in the ecosystem that proposers would submit proposals into in future funding rounds

  • Help - Contact details for where to get support from the community

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