Shared Responsibilities

Shared responsibilities for full time Cardano contributors

A cohort of Cardano contributors should be able to cover the following areas of responsibility to support the growth and evolution of the Cardano ecosystem.


Bring the community together to discuss and collaborate over issues, ideas, topics and successes within the developer and stake pool ecosystems. Help bring efforts together to bring more alignment and collaboration where possible instead of duplicated efforts. Contributors should look to support and showcase the different efforts in the ecosystem that benefit developers, stake pool operators or other builders in the ecosystem.


Provide support for open source projects and community members learning about developing on Cardano. Contributors should be able to answer questions, help newcomers, provide technical support and make suggestions to those that need help. Contributors should help with translation support where possible and help with the ease of participation for a global audience.


Review ecosystem parameters and services to inform the community and suggest changes to the ecosystem. Keep documentation and resources up to date and widely available for the community to learn about the Cardano developer ecosystem and operation of stake pools. Monitor and moderate the tools and libraries used to ensure they remain high quality and easy to use.


Bring together data, analysis and give feedback to help influence the development of better tools, libraries and SDKs for use by the wider community. Contributors are responsible for engaging with the community to identify the biggest problems that require the most attention for further development and improvement. All opinions and feedback from the community should be welcomed to prioritise the main issues faced by developers and stake pool operators in the ecosystem.


Gather and present relevant information for important CIP changes to help facilitate the governance decisions on larger changes. Conduct research and analysis on how the network is operating to facilitate any decisions on parameter changes to the Cardano network. The community should be well informed both on a technical basis as well in less technical terminology so the wider ecosystem can understand the changes that are being suggested that must go through community governance.


Cardano contributors are not expected to be responsible for working on every area in the Cardano ecosystem concerning development, infrastructure or the operation of nodes. Contributors should help identify initiatives in the community and support their work to better distribute tasks and efforts across community members. Once Cardano contributors manages their own treasury they will be able to also distribute funding towards these high impact initiatives where more rapid funding is needed.

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