Budget Ranges (Fund 8)

Suggested 6 month budget ranges

The following are the suggested budget ranges for candidates for fund 8 based upon the research on similar roles for each role. Candidates should pick a role and then apply their experience and seniority to find a suitable budget to request in their proposals.

Important note - The budget ranges are provided as guidance. Contributor candidates can go outside these ranges apart from above the maximum $55,000. In all proposals contributors should provide sufficient evidence towards justifying their budget.

Development: $35,000 - $55,000

Coordination: $25,000 - $40,000

Analysis: $25,000 - $45,000


Please refer to the average salaries research conducted to get the data used for the budget ranges.

Initial budget range selection

The initial budget range selection above was achieved by looking at the data sources below to guide find some rough sensible ranges to provide as guidance. The budget ranges are a rough guideline and something that can be improved over time with better analysis and community involvement. The budget range is guidance and not strict as we do not fully understand the roles and how they will pan out in reality. It is also a first iteration where more community governance and data for the budget range is needed for it to become a more important part in the process.

Role tasks and responsibilities

Initial roles have been provided that list out a set of tasks that the contributor would expect to help with if they were voted to be a contributor. Due to the infancy of this process it is hard to know how these tasks and responsibilities will look after it becomes more clear what the responsibilities of the contributors become. Experience performing these roles from contributors will lead to a more solid understanding of what it entails and which tasks are the most difficult and which ones provide the highest impact. Roles may get separated in future iterations.

Salary data source

For simplicity the United States has been used as a market for salary data. This means that the average values found from the following sources will be some of the highest global averages. Cardano is a global ecosystem so it can attract talent from anywhere in the world. Using budget ranges for peoples salaries that are close to the US average salary ranges should create an attractive proposition for people considering becoming a contributor in the community. The United States average is already higher than average across the world so as a result the top end of their budget ranges hasn't been used for the selected budget ranges. The initial budget range guidelines provide a good starting point to iterate and improve on in future iterations. Another consideration to how the budget range guidelines may change in the future is the potential to include an impact bonus. If contributors perform tasks that end up causing a high impact in the community then this sort of outcome could be awarded using an impact bonus. This approach would help to incentivise high performance and not put all the financial risk upfront by giving people a high salary without them having provided any impactful contributions yet.

Community feedback

In future rounds the community will ideally vote on the definitions of roles and market data sources that are used for determining the budget ranges. Another area for community governance will be values for any other incentivisation method such as an impact bonus. Another area for consideration is that with more data and analysis the community may want to be more strict on the budget ranges rather than using them as just guidance. This will come down to comparing priorities such as making the process simple or optimising the right incentives.

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