Minimum Thresholds

The budget allocation is $900,000 which means funding capacity to support between 16 to 36 contributors based on the lower ($25,000) and upper ($55,000) budget range guidelines.

Due to the higher number of developers we would estimate an average of $45,000 per contributor which would mean around 20 contributors would get funded.

After the thresholds are met based on the voting results the highest voted candidates would then be selected until the funding is allocated.

Minimum thresholds (number of people)

Stake Pool Development: 4

Stake Pool Analysis: 2

Cardano Development: 9

Cardano Analysis: 3

Coordination: 2

Total: 20

Quantity needed

Development: High - The ecosystem has an increasing amount of complex core functionality required which warrants the need for a large number of developers.

Coordination: Low - Only a small people are needed to help bring together different ecosystem efforts to create meetings and events to share learnings across different tools and resources.

Analysis: Moderate - A moderate amount of regular analysis is needed on the ecosystem and proposals to give a good overview of issues and solutions available in the ecosystem. Analysis is not needed at all times in every part of the ecosystem.

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