Example Proposal - Leonardo Bonacci

Example proposal for a contributor who wants to work on a more specific area of analysis


Primary role


Preferred role responsibilities


  • Conduct ecosystem research and analysis to identify problems and opportunities for improvement

  • Collect, aggregate and analyse community feedback and overall sentiment about the ecosystem

  • Gather, analyse and report on statistics about ecosystem infrastructure usage, performance and outcomes

  • Create, maintain and improve ecosystem processes for gathering and measuring data, performance and community feedback

  • Write and maintain documentation about processes, research findings and ecosystem statistics

  • Provide support to community members in understanding the available ecosystem research, analysis and statistics

  • Coordinate efforts towards applying information around research findings, analysis and statistics to the maintenance and improvement of ecosystem systems and processes


  • Create, maintain and improve technical standards, security standards and design patterns that can be used in ecosystem infrastructure and applications

  • Define and iterate on technical requirements for ecosystem functionality

  • Track and analyse the performance of ecosystem applications

  • Communicate with developers and the community to identify what infrastructure or development issues exist to then be considered and prioritised

Working preferences

  • My general preference is doing deep work on the data doing statistical modelling, trends and creation of charts. I’ve done many reports that bring this information together into something that is actionable for other teams or organisations to benefit from.

  • Very comfortable with starting any new project with a lot of collaboration with others to work out where pain points are or for identifying where there is currently a lack of information to full understand certain areas of a system. This collaboration helps to guide the focus of the reporting I do at the end of deep analysis work.

Main priorities

  • On-chain data gathering processes - There is a lack of well defined processes to identify and process data for different segments of the ecosystem. For instance, the methodology to gather data and analyse different DeFi protocols, token distribution and emerging governance systems needs further work. Creating some reports on this to be shared with the community will help to set a base level understanding of how to understand these systems and how they’re used for the benefit of both existing and new projects that emerge.

  • Stake pool operator scripts and tools - From some of my development experience and running a stake pool node I have seen opportunities for monitoring and extracting data about my own and others stake pools that would be useful around general node health and minimum operation

  • Stake pool node hardware analysis - There is currently a lack of detailed resources on the specifications required for the hardware and the rate of change we could expect over the coming months and years. By looking at what people are using currently and what is available in the market a foundational data set and report can be produced to help outline recommendations for hardware specifications to use in the short, medium and long term. The end of this report can help to identify some of the current or emerging options to be most cost effective and take into account power consumption and initial setup costs.

Personal information

Full name - Leonardo Bonacci

Profile image

Contact details - Contact me on Twitter @LeonardoBonacci

Professional background

Profile -https://www.linkedin.com/in/leonardobonacci

Additional information - I previously worked on the fibonacci sequence before stumbling onto the blockchain world only recently, 800 years later. During those times I learnt how to break things down and identify patterns. I’ll be applying my expertise to analyse on-chain Cardano data.

Contributions & Participation

Ecosystem contributions

  • Stake pool operation guide - I created a guide to help stake pool operators setup their nodes with tips on the best scripts and tools to use to easily monitor the node on your own hardware.

Ecosystem participation

  • Stake pool operator - I have run a stake pool since the ITN, my pool ticker is EXAMPLE

  • Voter - Since fund 3


Budget requested - $50,000

Budget reasoning - I have an extensive background in data and statistical modelling that is very applicable to the depth and complexity of data that gets produced in the Cardano ecosystem. Mixed with my more recent experience running a stake pool node and participating in the emerging applications I will be able to effectively provide data and reports to the community that help to guide understanding and improvements to recent developments and node infrastructure.

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