Example Proposal - Charles Babbage

Example proposal for a contributor who wants to work in coordination focussing on education and ecosystem resources


Primary role


Preferred role responsibilities


  • Communicate and collaborate with the community to identify areas where more support is needed or where the biggest problems exist

  • Communicate with anyone working in the ecosystem to identify and resolve pain points so contributors are able to work most effectively

  • Organise and manage an ecosystem calendar for ecosystem events, updates and meet ups

  • Write, maintain and aggregate documentation about how to understand and participate in the ecosystem

  • Provide community members support for understanding the Cardano ecosystem, development on Cardano and operating any ecosystem infrastructure

  • Review contribution efforts across the ecosystem and identify areas to encourage more collaboration and alignment or more application of standards and best practices

  • Host community discussions and events about relevant ecosystem topics

  • Review proposals, provide feedback and identify any opportunities for collaboration between projects in the ecosystem


  • Support, improve and promote open source projects with technical expertise, guidance and development effort

  • Communicate with developers and the community to identify what infrastructure or development issues exist to then be considered and prioritised

  • Write and maintain technical documentation about ecosystem systems and processes

  • Provide support on how the Cardano ecosystem operates technically such as stake pool node operation and about any development tools, libraries and processes

  • Host technical discussions and meetings about the Cardano developer ecosystem, stake pool node operation, infrastructure available in the ecosystem or for giving updates on ecosystem changes

  • Provide feedback to technical proposals on their development plans or implementations

Working preferences

  • Education focus - Most of my background is in complex systems like the first mechanical computer however since then I have started to prefer spending my time more collaborating with others and bringing together big ideas and efforts across new ecosystems. Cardano offers an opportunity for me in being able help in bringing people together so the full potential of the technology can be reached. I have a comprehensive understanding of the technology and prefer to take an educational and communication focussed role in supporting the ecosystem and teaching others about how to understand and use the technology.

  • Active participation based events - I find the best ways people learn is by doing so a big part of my efforts will be to stay up to date with all recent developments and releases and then turn those learnings into resources and online meet ups that people can join and actually engage in.

Main priorities

  • Plutus Educational resources - I already am working on the improvement of educational resources for Plutus but this work needs further support. There are out of date resources and also new ones needed for recent releases.

  • Oracle and stablecoin resources - As well as Plutus resources there are a number of architecture approaches forming around different approaches in the creation of oracles and stablecoins. These will be an important part of the ecosystem that get integrated into many applications being built. I intend to create education resources looking at how they have been made to share the design models that exist and why certain choices have been made and the tradeoffs that exist.

  • Online technical demonstrations - Live walk throughs of how to use some of the new features in the Vasil hard fork have been very popular and this is something I plan to start doing and helping with as well as any new developments that happen in the ecosystem. All of these demonstrations are recorded so they also become online resources. For those that join it has been useful for them to get one on one support from those with more experience that has proved to be invaluable to their progression.

  • Hackathons and meet up events - I joined the community through a hackathon event and now I’m helping to run them. I intend to help run a monthly hackathon that will be based on different topics and sponsored by different people. I already have a list of companies looking to support some of these events so part of the planning has already been done. The timing of these events also is great for those who recently complete the Plutus pioneer course.

Personal information

Full name - Charles Babbage

Profile image

Contact details - Contact me on Twitter @CharlesBabbage

Professional background

Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlesbabbageexample

Additional information - I wrote a book called Economy of Manufactures and Machinery that has been fairly popular. You can find more general information about me on my own Wikipedia page -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Babbage

Contributions & Participation

Ecosystem contributions


  • Community hackathons - I’ve helped to run some hackathons in the community that have led to some project teams forming and that distributed around $10,000 in different prizes.


  • I helped with the development of the Blockfrost API and helped make the Java and Scala SDK. The Blockfrost API helps other teams have easy access to onchain data for their own applications.

Ecosystem participation

  • Voter - Since fund 4

  • Proposal Assessor - Since fund 8


Budget requested - $38,000

Budget reasoning - I am currently getting sponsored by GREAT-HASKELL-COMPANY for improving the educations resources around Haskell in general and also more important development using Plutus. My commitments there mean I will spend at least one day a week on those efforts. The remaining four I intend to spend on supporting the ecosystem - the budget has been reduced to reflect that amount of time commitment.

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