Excessive Funding Requests

What happens when there is excessive requests from individuals and teams in the funding categorisations?


There is a risk that individuals and teams make excessive funding requests in the funding categorisations that are being used

Relevance to funding categorisation

Excessive funding requests are somewhat relevant to funding categorisations as guidelines can be applied to individual categorisations to influence how the categorisations can be used. Alternatively there can also policies, tools, process and guidelines that apply more generally to the funding process that tackle this problem.

Potential Solutions

Category guidelines

Categorisations could apply specific policies and guidelines to improve how that categorisation is used so that it is fair for all participants and so that the categorisation operates effectively.

Capped team budget requests

To prevent individuals or teams requesting an excessive amount of funding proposal budget caps could be introduced. This could be implemented in many ways. It could be a single rule that applies to all teams. There could also be limitations for teams that don't have a track record of delivering to prevent the risk of misallocating funding. It must be noted this requires sufficient analysis and consideration to prevent situations where high cost initiatives that could be very impactful not being able to request larger amounts of funding.

Capped team proposal submissions

The funding process would struggle to support an excessively large amount of proposals that increase voting complexity. There are many approaches for directing funding that can mitigate this issue. However, there is also merit in the fact there is a limit in how many things a single individual or team can work on in parallel. Due to this a sensible cap for proposal submissions would help to reduce the problem of excessive funding requests. Care would be needed to ensure this proposal submission cap is still accommodating to the flow of good ideas going through the process.

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