The overall purpose of the proposal, objectives set and
Contributor Infrastructure Analysis - Catalyst Proposal

Main objectives

1. Set contributor infrastructure requirements for tools and processes
Outline and agree with community involvement what the core functional areas for both Catalyst and Cardano contributors to function and what requirements are most important that tools and processes must help support so that contributors can be as productive and effective as possible.
2. Conduct research to find solutions for those areas
Conduct research around the different infrastructure focus areas to find potential tools and solutions that could be used to meet the requirements
3. Document considerations for future concerns or efforts
Discuss and document considerations for how the requirements may change in the future and also what solutions will be made available that may impact what tools and processes are used by contributors.
4. Analyse and decide with community involvement the preferred initial infrastructure
Apply analysis and discussion with the community to get decide on which tools and solutions are most suitable for the initial infrastructure setup to be used by contributors.
5. Setup initial infrastructure
Setup the initial infrastructure based off the decisions made by those who got involved from the community. Document any key decisions made when adding in any content or certain setting decisions that are noteworthy.

Important notes

No authority for usage by contributors
Those in the community that help setup this starting infrastructure for contributors will have no authority over the autonomy of the contributors who are elected through the Catalyst governance process. The infrastructure that is researched and set up to support those early stages is handed over to the contributors at the beginning. Contributors are free to change, remove or replace any parts of the infrastructure as they see fit. Subsets of contributors could also deviate from any initial infrastructure and manage themselves using other tools.