Core Focus Areas

List of main areas that will be focussed on for this proposal

Core Focus Areas

These areas must be included to complete the proposal scope and initial infrastructure setup for contributors.


What short form communication tools such as chat and video meetings could be used to contributors to be most effective?
  • Used for: Organisation, discussion, social, community, collaboration
  • Considerations: How does this integrate into the product development flow or governance decisions?

Long form content

What long form content tools can be used such as forums or documentation tools that help contributors organise themselves and community discussion around complex topics, information and discussion?
  • Used for: Documentation, debate, long form discussion
  • Considerations: How does it integrate into the product development flow or governance decisions?


What tools can be used for contributors to make governance decisions such as around product decisions, process changes or rapid funding distribution.
  • Used for: Contributor voting
  • Considerations: How is the vote accountable and traceable to the contributors involved? How does it fit in with the product development flow?

Treasury management

What tools can be used to help contributors easily manage their own treasury such as multi sig wallets or treasury tools (e.g. Gnosis safe as Ethereum example)?
  • Used for: Management of funds to pay for software subscriptions, community work tasks, rapid funding distribution, temporarily paid contractors or other paid contributors
  • Considerations - How can treasury transactions be linked to governance decisions?

Product development workflow

What tools or processes can contributors take problems through to executing solutions and tracking success?
  • Used for - Problem sensing, problem prioritisation, task tracking and management, contributor accountability, task distribution, workflow integrations
  • Considerations - How does the product development workflow integrate the discussion, debate and governance areas?

Potential Added Areas

These areas are optional and will be completed based capacity to do so against the funding available. We may move some of these into core deliverables or also may find other funding sources to get them completed in the coming weeks.
Mission and values
What are the mission and values of Cardano and Catalyst contributors? Making this clear will help people fully understand what those contributors are tasked with trying to achieve. The mission and values should be added to the documentation for Catalyst contributors and Cardano contributors.
Contributor processes
As well as the functional infrastructure effort could also be made to create some initial processes for how contributors could decide on what they work on when using the product development workflow? Objectives and metrics could also be established for the different areas to determine how effective contributors are being whilst contributing.
Initial imported data
Setup for how to integrate or import existing information such as problem definitions for different areas in the ecosystem.

Other Considered Areas

  • Design tools - Leave decision to be guided by design contributors
  • Software tools - E.g. repository management. Leave decision to be guided by development contributors
  • Software libraries and SDKs - Leave decision to be guided by development contributors
  • Calendar - Organising contributor internal events, community events