Kick Off Meeting

Initial chat going over intentions of the contributor infrastructure analysis proposal and discussion around the scope

Meeting Recording


Meeting: Catalyst After Town Hall, Wednesday 13th April 2022
Both Catalyst and Cardano contributors need an initial setup for the tools and processes to use from day one. Our job is to research, analyse, decide and setup the main core parts of that infrastructure before contributors get started.
Contributors will take ownership of this infrastructure and own the decisions around tools and processes from the first day of being onboarded.
This analysis focuses on ensuring contributors are functional and can begin contributing from day one.
Proposal Tasks
  • Research
  • Requirements & priorities
  • Solution selection
  • Future considerations
  • Setup
Note - Sharing and discussion at every stage
Main focus areas
The main core parts that need to be researched, analysed and decided on are the following areas:
  • Communication
    • Examples - Chat, Video meetings.
    • Used for - Organisation, social, community, collaboration
  • Long form content
    • Examples - Documents, posts, forums.
    • Used for - Debate, collaboration, information collation
  • Governance
    • Examples - Contributor votes, community votes
    • Used for - Funding distribution decisions, product decisions, community decisions
  • Treasury management
    • Examples - Multi sigs, Treasury tools (e.g. Gnosis safe as Ethereum example)
    • Used for - Funding distribution, software and subscription payments
  • Product development workflow
    • Examples - Task management, workflow integrations
    • Used for - Problem sensing, problem prioritisation, task tracking, accountability, task distribution
Other areas for consideration
These areas can be ignored for the short term and researched and decided by the contributors once they start:
  • Design tools - Leave decision to be guided by design contributors
  • Software tools - E.g. repository management. Leave decision to be guided by development contributors
  • Software libraries and SDKs - Leave decision to be guided by development contributors
  • Calendar - Organising contributor internal events, community events
  • There may be other core areas to consider and add to this list in the near future.
  • We are not looking to create new infrastructure for this initial setup work.
  • The analysis should be useful for providing guidance on where future development effort could be highly impactful. For instance by finding where is most lacking in terms of functionality and completeness out of the tools and process that are selected from this research.