George L

The following list of tasks are based on what seems to be most logical to work on in the short term to push Catalyst forward and make positive change. If you believe there is something more impactful that makes more sense to work in the short term please feel free to reach out with your thoughts.
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Completed work


Upcoming work


Other priorities


1. Ongoing work

  • Push for funding categorisation changes - There is a change proposal shared with IOG to change how funding categorisation is done in Catalyst.
  • Push for change with the need for a contributor funding model - There is a change proposal I have shared with IOG to push for introducing a contributor funding model to support and improvement the Catalyst ecosystem.
  • Catalyst product development roadmap - Iterate the Catalyst product development roadmap prioritisation items with community feedback in working groups and after town halls to better understand what areas of work need to be completed.
  • Catalyst Circle communication - Collaborate more with what is happening in Catalyst Circle and share recent work completed.

2. Future areas of focus

  • Working structures & processes - Analyse how the community who are working on Catalyst can most effectively collaborate and work together using certain tools, processes and governance approaches and be efficient in delivering high quality outcomes.