Catalyst Ecosystem Goals

A list of general ecosystem goals for Catalyst that if achieved can help the ecosystem reach its full potential

Project Catalyst is focussed on creating solutions that help with the governance of the Cardano treasury. The ecosystem helps with nurturing new innovation and improvements to the wider ecosystem.

The better that Project Catalyst can effectively and efficiently govern the treasury for Cardano the more it can deliver on its overall mission to bring new innovation and improvements to the wider Cardano ecosystem. There are a number of sensible high level goals the ecosystem can strive towards so it can reach its potential. This following list is non-exhaustive. Suggestions for additions or improvements are welcomed.


The infrastructure and processes used for the Catalyst process need to be able to scale to handle an increasingly global audience by being able to effectively support a growing number of proposers, assessors and voters that want to participate in the funding process.


The Catalyst funding process needs to be resilient in handling and preventing adverse situations with examples being corruption, scammers, spam or identity fraud. Resilience will mean pushing governance decisions to the edges and applying the right checks and balances across the ecosystem to incentivise the right behaviours and outcomes and minimise and prevent the negative impact of bad actors.


The infrastructure and processes used in the Catalyst process need to be efficient to use so that fewer resources are used to effectively operate and improve the funding process. The more efficient the funding process is the more that funds will be available for high impact initiatives that can create more positive impacts across the world and society.


To become a global leading ecosystem the Catalyst funding process will need to be simple and easy to use for proposers, assessors and voters that want to participate. The simpler and easier it is for people to use the more that people will both want to and be able to participate in the Catalyst funding process.


The Catalyst ecosystem handles a large treasury owned by the community. This treasury needs to be safely managed and distributed by the infrastructure and processes used. Any infrastructure and processes used to operate the Catalyst funding process need to be robust and implemented to a high standard by using best practices and applying suitable security standards so that treasury funds and community participants are safe.


The infrastructure and processes used to operate Catalyst need to be easy to maintain by aligning on processes and technical approaches where possible and establishing best practices. Keeping maintainability high will make the ecosystem more efficient and flexible in how it is updated. Increasing alignment around implementations can help with increasing the ease of maintainability and make it easier for contributors with skill and knowledge sharing across the ecosystem. Ecosystem infrastructure and processes which are easier to maintain will also compete more effectively against other ecosystems.

Community Owned

The community should increasingly have complete ownership over the Catalyst ecosystem. This ownership involves how it is supported, moderated, operated and improved.

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