Roles are groupings of a particular type of skill or work that someone can choose to focus their time on whilst being a contributor

Roles provide clarity to other contributors and the wider community on what everyone is mainly looking to help with when they contribute to the ecosystem. Signalling a role to the voters gives them more clarity in knowing who they want to support the ecosystem in different ways.

Contributors select a role to indicate where they will spend the most time supporting the ecosystem. Selecting a role does not mean the contributor can't help in the other areas. It instead simply means they will look to spend the majority of their time in that selected role.

Budget ranges are added to guide contributors when creating their proposals.

Cardano contributors are NOT required to specify a role, it is optional. Roles help to provide an effective signal to the community over how a contributor wants to help the ecosystem.

Cardano contributors should outline exactly what they intend to do whilst being a contributor either through a predefined role or their own explanation of the tasks and any responsibilities they are looking to take on!


The following are some example roles that contributors can specify in their contributor proposal if they match with the skill sets they would like to apply and use when supporting the ecosystem.


Objective - Develop and maintain the ecosystem systems and services and also support the community on a technical basis.


  • Research technical implementation options

  • Define technical requirements

  • Architect features (Data model, tech stack, protocol design)

  • Develop and maintain features

  • Audit other proposal teams development plans or implementation

  • Coordinate technical efforts

  • Host technical discussion meetings

  • Write technical documentation

  • Provide community technical support


Objective - Maximise the collaboration and coordination within the ecosystem and support the community with collaboration, organisation, education and events.


  • Align ecosystem efforts and support collaboration

  • Support the improvement of initiative planning, proposals writing and communication

  • Collect details on problems within community

  • Run community events and meet ups

  • Moderate communication channels and answer questions

  • Host topic based collaboration meetings

  • Support translations and coordinate with global communities

  • Help educate community members about different areas of the ecosystem

  • Provide community support for different projects


Objective - Research and analyse the ecosystem tools and services and produce data points, reports and documentation that help guide the future development of the ecosystem. Help ensure the community has the information it needs to maximise their own projects impact.


  • Analyse and give feedback to proposals and challenge setting

  • Conduct ecosystem research, problem outlining and analysis

  • Collect and aggregate community feedback

  • Aggregate, data model and report on ecosystem analytics

  • Audit proposal teams plans and execution

  • Research, define and maintain ecosystem processes

  • Research and report on other ecosystems

  • Host meetings on problems, research or findings from analysis

  • Write and maintain ecosystem documentation

QA & Auditing

Objective - Help with quality assurance testing on changing ecosystem functionality and new products to ensure releases are to a high quality. Support in the development of new processes and reporting so proposal and project teams can demonstrate their impact.


  • Research, support and flag proposals that require review from the community

  • Test implementation features of different protocols or products in the ecosystem prior to release

  • Create and document QA process plans

  • Research and support QA best practices for different ecosystem applications

  • Research auditing best practices for different ecosystem projects

  • Manage and improve progress and KPI audit reporting processes

  • Research, create or recommend the usage of emerging standards across the ecosystem

  • Host meetings about QA in ecosystem applications, standards & best practices and auditing processes & potential improvements


Objective - Bring together, host events and provide support to the marketing efforts from across the ecosystem to bring better alignment, data driven results and report evidence on the impact of the combined efforts that promote the ecosystem.


  • Effectively promote and share the applications and initiatives available in the ecosystem

  • Support proposer outreach and engagement efforts

  • Support marketing focussed proposals in the ecosystem

  • Aggregate and report on marketing analytics data for different ecosystem areas

  • Support the creation and usage of marketing materials

  • Support the organisation and promotion of events

  • Conduct market research on certain areas of the ecosystem

  • Write and proofread marketing copy

  • Provide guidance to proposals around marketing

  • Host meetings on marketing approaches and results

Content creation

Objective - Create high quality content that showcases what is happening in the ecosystem using education, news, interviews, podcasts, videos, books and articles.


  • Create content that addresses different parts of the ecosystem such as for the community to learn more about new developments, ecosystem progress, news, demos, tips or reviews.

  • Create content to engage the community in formats such as videos, blogs, articles, interviews, podcasts, illustrations or infographics.


Objective - Help the community learn and understand important or complex concepts or simplify existing material to make it easier for people to participate in the ecosystem.


  • Improve existing resources or documentation to make it more informative, visual or educational for the end user.

  • Create resources for new developments, processes and applications that the community would benefit from understanding.

  • Host sessions or create workshops and courses to educate the community in a collaborative and more personal environment.

  • Host meetings and events to help with initiatives or existing projects in communicating important details and information to the wider community.


Objective - Research, collate and get consensus on the highest priority problems within the ecosystem to then help guide solutions that solve those problems whilst maintaining a high quality user experience. Help contributors come to alignment in how to implement solutions and work with the community to bring in feedback and data to support product direction through both contributor and community led governance.


  • Lead efforts on problem sensing, problem prioritisation, solution research and solution implementation planning

  • Engage with contributors and community to define product strategy and roadmap

  • Conduct research and analysis on similar products and ecosystems

  • Communicate with community all product plans, timelines and releases

  • Research and improve product development workflows

  • Draft ecosystem functionality implementation plans

  • Research and analyse industry user experience developments and best practices

  • Gather product feedback and analyse results

  • Aggregate and report on product analytics data

  • Host meetings around problem sensing, prioritisation and solution approaches

  • Provide guidance to proposals around product direction and existing ecosystem solutions or product plans


Objective - Design graphics, layouts and optimise user flows to create a high quality user experience for the community. Help contributors with maintaining consistency and alignment of the visual design and user experiences of all the ecosystems tools and services.


  • Create design concepts, graphics and layouts

  • Create and maintain style guides, icons and illustrations

  • Create wireframes and visualise product user flows

  • Gather user feedback and iterate designs where needed

  • Support research on industry user experience developments and best practices

  • Review final layouts and implementations to suggest any improvements

  • Support online and local events with design material

  • Support and provide feedback on design to proposal teams

  • Host design discussion meetings

Human resources

Objective - Support other contributors and projects in the ecosystem to most effectively support and attract the talent that exists in the ecosystem so they can operate at their full potential.


  • Support contributors and projects in addressing issues with finding and securing talent from within the ecosystem and finding gaps where more help is needed.

  • Communicate with contributors and projects to identify issues in the ecosystem on a local or global level and identity how those issues could be resolved.

  • Identify, create and support processes and best practice conventions for a large number of contributors and projects can work most effectively together in a more dynamically changing environment. Contributors are flexible in how they work and can support multiple projects at a given moment.

  • Provide conflict resolution and suggestions towards new team working structures when existing ones have not been effective in achieving the desired outcomes.


Objective - Support and analyse different ecosystem areas to provide financial support and advice to different working projects.


  • Analyse the structures and costs of different initiatives and projects to provide guidance or reports on areas of improvement.

  • Offer guidance and support to initiatives and projects regarding their approach to treasury management and distribution with complex financial

  • Define, improve and maintain suggestions towards effective approaches and processes to effectively handle treasury management within distributed groups of community members

  • Research, aggregate and present correct approaches and processes that help ensure that legal financial obligations are being met by different projects across the ecosystem.

  • Produce reports on analysis that suggests suitable budget ranges that could be used as guidance for what contributors are paid in the ecosystem for different skill sets.

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