Responsibilities for full time Cardano contributors

A cohort of Cardano contributors should be able to cover the following areas of responsibility to support the growth and usage of the wider Cardano ecosystem.

Cardano contributors have a general responsibility to coordinate, support and improve the ecosystem for where ever they are intending to focus their time. It is the Cardano contributors responsibility to clearly define exactly what area of the ecosystem they will be spending their time on, what they are committing to helping with and how that will help benefit the ecosystem. Cardano contributor responsibilities are more self defined than Catalyst and Cardano contributors who have their responsibilities more well defined and focussed on the Catalyst and Cardano ecosystems.


Bring the community together to discuss and collaborate around issues, ideas, topics and successes within the wider ecosystem. Help bring efforts together to bring more alignment and collaboration where possible instead of duplicated efforts. Contributors should look to support and showcase the different efforts in the wider ecosystem. Cardano contributors can choose to focus their coordination efforts on a specific area in the ecosystem that they can most effectively deliver impact.


Provide support for Cardano, Catalyst or ecosystem wide initiatives that would benefit from more contributors from the community. Contributors helping in these different areas should be able to answer questions, help newcomers, provide support and make suggestions to those that need help. Contributors should help with translation support where possible and help with the ease of participation for a global audience.


Cardano contributors could be given delegated authority to help maintain certain communities, applications or areas of the ecosystem. It is up to the contributor to show evidence of where they are being given delegated authority to maintain a part of the ecosystem and what value that will provide the community and ecosystem.


Bring together data, analysis and feedback to guide and result in the development of applications and solutions that are used by the Cardano community. Cardano contributors that can execute solutions can look to engage with the community to identify the biggest problems in different ecosystem areas and then contribute to and support those areas.


For important ecosystem markets or high impact areas Cardano contributors can find responsibilities in helping facilitate the research, analysis and presentation of information that helps certain communities in the ecosystem make more informed governance decisions.


Cardano contributors will be most impactful by focussing on skills they are good at and focus areas they enjoy working on the most. Distributing effort for Cardano contributors will mean finding other contributors to fill in the gaps of whether further help is needed to support, maintain and improve the areas of the ecosystem that they are spending their time on.

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